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A famous brand – Coca-Cola

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white-red label COCA-COLA makes sallow his saliva many of us. This carbonated soft drink is associated with celebration and prosperity. In the perception of many, he embodies the American dream. people love this dark- brown drink, drink it every day. Moreover, some can not imagine without it their life. Any person seeing a red — white inscription with confidence says Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola is everywhere: in shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, in any caterers. Its flavor produces bubble gum, candy, Lollipop, cakes and much more., before you become a symbol of family celebrations, the brand Coca-Cola was quite a long way. It all began back at the end of the last century.


first creator

John Smith Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta (Georgia, USA), once mixed Bordeaux and Coca leaves, creating, thus, a Coca wine. A similar drink at a time successfully sold in Europe, and the American decided to bring something similar to the American market. But prohibition 1885 somewhat spoiled his plans. As a result, the recipe was changed and, as it turned out, even without the alcohol component was good (Coca component at the time absolutely does not bother anyone).

Updated the drink consisted of three parts Coca leaves and one part Cola nut, and thus got its name. John Pemberton was presented with this syrup his best friend and accountant Frank Robinson, who gave him invaluable advice to write a prescription, drink to patent and start mass selling. Benevolent accountant even personally prepared the logo of the drink. Excellent mastery of calligraphy, he took from the hand of the inscription — "The Coca-Colа".

John Pemberton listened to the advice of a friend and brought his creation to Jacobs pharmacy, where it began selling 5 cents per glass. Positioned then СOСA-COLA as a cure for all nervous disorders, gastritis and impotence. Sold, however, drink the first time not very active. The income for the first year amounted to only $ 50 that he didn’t even cut the cost of manufacture.hard times Coca-Colа still survived. Over time, the syrup was carbonated and changed its composition, which included the now extracts of lime, orange, and nut, and vanilla and caffeine. However, its Creator the wealth of this recipe so did not bring — August 16, 1888 John Pemberton died in poverty.


A couple of years later in Atlanta comes a poor merchant from Ireland Aza Kandler. With a sincere belief in his success in the New World he becomes the widow of Pemberton recipe Coca-Colа at large for the money — $ 2,300. In 1892 Aza registered company and trademark. It is noteworthy that helped him in this matter is the same Frank Robinson.talent Kandler played a role — the drink was made more popular by the day. And the Irishman is to be commended, because it worked with all his strength — distributed products with attributes of the company, established in stores and pharmacies free slot machines with syrup, sent out coupons for the purchase of a drink. As a result across the country one after another began to open factories for the production of Coca-Colа. Initially, the drink was sold only on tap, but in 1899 opened a factory and on production of Coca-Colа in bottles. Belonged to manufacturing entrepreneurs to Benjamin Thomas and Joseph Whitehead and based on the franchise system. In 1906 drink in bottles is exported to countries such as Cuba and Panama.

third owner

1919 Aza Kandler takes the decision to sell the company the Coca-Colа banker and successful businessman Ernest Woodruff, who puts the head of his son Robert. The transaction price is already $ 25 million. Robert Woodruff not only willingly took over the company, but stayed on as President for more than 60 years. Thanks to him, Cocsa-Colа and gained the popularity that it enjoys today.innovation of Robert Woodruff as President was the adoption of common standards not only for creating and bottling the drink, but also for placing bottles of Coca-Colа on store shelves.three years old head of the company also understands that it is finally the time to introduce the beverage world, and therefore creates a "Coca-Cola Export Corporation, which aims to promote the Coca-Colа in other countries. In 1928, during the Olympic games in the Netherlands American athletes brought to Amsterdam about 1,000 bottles of drink. So Coca-Colа has become synonymous with sports. To maintain this reputation, the company is then often sponsored various sporting events. At about the same time, the brand began to advertise on the radio.

Today without Sosa-Colа it is difficult to imagine Christmas and new year holidays. For the first time Santa Claus in advertising of the brand appeared in 1931. The authorship of advertising belongs to the artist Haddon Sundblom that as a good-natured grandfather had painted himself. It is noteworthy that prior to that, Santa Claus was depicted in a variety of color and style outfits. And only Haddon Sundblom first wore this hero of the Christmas stories in red and white suit, using the primary colors of the brand Coca-Colа.the late 30-ies of the popular drink sold in 44 countries around the world. When did the Second world war, Robert Woodruff stated that every man in uniform will be able to buy Coca-Colа for just 5 cents. Regularly drink and the U.S. military, where they fought. By the way, especially for the soldiers and was released on the Coca-Colа in banks for maximum convenience.

contradictions of Coca-Cola

yet, despite all good luck and victory, much mistaken the one who decides that the formation of’ The Coca-Cola Company" was a continuous triumphal procession. Alas, success is accompanied by not only the pleasant moments of glory, and envy, and the desire on this very strange success to profit. Once on the peak of popularity, the makers of Coca-Cola was faced with such an unpleasant phenomenon as fakes. Moreover, the scale they have reached such a size as to combat fake drink even had to attract the agents of the famous detective Agency Pinkerton. The success of Coca-Cola decided to take advantage and unfair competition. Only in 1916 was 153 filed a lawsuit against brands imitators, such as "Fig Cola", "Candy Cola", "Cold Cola", "Cay-Ola" and "Spit Nola". "The Coca-Cola Company" was forced to defend its good name and its trademark.the way, the famous contour bottle in a skirt-the year was created as a means of protection of the trademark. A lot of blood company spoiled "cold war" with rival brands, the first and chief of which is PepsiCo. By the way, oddly funny, but in the countries of the former USSR is quite a serious competitor to Coca-Cola became the brew.

The truth is, over more than a century Coca-Cola had to appear in court, not only as to the plaintiff, but as the defendant. And to be honest, "The Coca-Cola Company is a leader in the number of consumer lawsuits, especially when you consider that the company is the exclusive provider of carbonated beverages at McDonald’s. With the overwhelming number of applicants claim that the drink is harming their health. In recent years, even became fashionable to talk about the horrors of Coca-Cola: a dissolved cellophane, decaying teeth and internal organs. Hinting at something like that, some whether for fun, whether seriously talk about the alternative uses of the drink. For example, Coca-Cola can remove rust, scale in the kettle and the limescale in the toilet. In India soda is used instead of pesticides for spraying the fields, and in China it is wonderful as a spermicidal agent.

So drink a coke or Coca-Cola? Hamlet’s question. In recent times questions have been raised about whether the use of Coca-Cola are completely safe for health. Yet one thing is definite: any specific negative effects on the body of Coca-Cola is not officially established. A phrase made famous by Jean-Luc Godard about the "Golden youth" 60’s "Children of Marx and Coca-Cola gave the beverage a philosophical taste.

The anti-globalization struggle with the policies of transnational corporations, lawsuits, outstanding facts in the history of the company, of secrecy and neat refutation created around Coca-Cola demonic aura. Defensively, the company actively sponsors local educational and cultural events. A couple of such events on a global scale Coca-Cola captured forever — Christmas and New year. In 1931, the company commissioned artist Haddon Sundblom design red-white costume for Santa Claus, who was dressed as necessary. But the artist and do not hurt yourself — American drew Santa Claus his face.

Cola in our days

brand market coca cola

Telling the story of this famous brand, it is impossible not to mention about the ongoing war Sosa-Colа with the brand Pepsi. Founded in 1902, the last elected as its slogan the phrase "New generation chooses Pepsi". Thus, the target audience was American youth, which was contrary to their prefer Coca-Cola to the parents to choose a competing beverage. And though the calculations Pepsi and was to some extent true, but to compare in popularity with the famous brand not then, not later, and failed., the Coca-Colа produces more than 200 kinds of beverages including mineral water Bonaqua, Nestea iced tea, Schweppes bitter. But 80 percent of sales are still for drinks Coca-Colа, Fanta and Sprite. Today, the company is also working on the creation of Minute Maid juices that are intended especially for fans of a healthy lifestyle. But whether he will be equal in popularity with the famous trio — only time will tell. over 120 years ago, Coca-Cola continues to be the most recognizable brand in the world. Its products are sold in more than 200 different countries. Every day around the world snapping up more than 1 billion bottles of this drink. And it gives all grounds to assume that no matter what happens, because well-known company and then everything will be Coca-Cola.

"The Coca-Cola Company" is considered a reliable participant of the securities market and its promotions since 1987, is included in the list of 30 companies that make up the world famous stock index Dow Jones.

She also Coca-Cola has long ceased to be just a soda to quench thirst. For Americans it has become something of a national Icon, her make up horoscopes and parodies. The first parody was a novel by English writer H. G. wells ‘ "Tono-Bang" (i.e. Coca-Cola). Subsequently appeared Slurm is a favorite drink of the Central character from the animated series "Futurama." Coca-Cola was flown into space, which created a special jar with a straw. Coca-Cola — the drink of the Olympic Games: the company is sponsoring them since 1928, she is also a sponsor of the world championship of hockey, Cup FIFA football world tennis tournaments and other sports events.

Coca-Cola was recognized as the most valuable brand in the world during 2005-2015 in the ranking of the international research Agency Interbrand.


So, Coca-Cola global brand with one of the most famous names. Longaged, scandalous, beloved Coca-Cola. Every one of us have ever tasted Coca-Cola. Especially children love this drink. We often talk about the harm that it destroys our teeth, satisfied with the imbalance in our body. But we still drink it. Someone often, some occasionally, and someone who very rarely.


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Учебная работа. A famous brand – Coca-Cola